The 2020 FAA Challenge finalists were selected in Feb 2020. The Forum will be held Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please direct inquiries to the FAA Challenge Program team at

A Q&A session was held for teams on October 24, 2019. Documents related to the session can be viewed below:

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I attend a university outside of the United States. Can I still apply to the FAA Challenge?

Eligibility is limited to students from colleges and universities in the United States. Additionally, all team members, including all faculty advisors and students, must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Can Green Card holders participate?

Yes. Team members, including all faculty advisors and students, must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Who retains ownership of the Challenge solutions?

All submissions remain the property of the team.

My team intends to commercialize our idea. Can we still submit it to the Challenge? Will there be any issues with commercialization or ownership of our idea?

Yes, you can still submit it to the Challenge. However, your ideas will be presented in summary at a public conference during the FAA Challenge Forum. Teams will retain full ownership of their ideas.

Does the FAA have IRB Requirements?

For most submissions, this will not be required. If your proposal includes collecting data on human subjects in a study, or putting people medically at-risk, then you would need to submit your study for IRB review through your university after you are selected as a finalist for the FAA Challenge. If IRB review is required, the FAA will need to receive a copy of the approval along with the final Technical Paper.

What AV capabilities will be available for teams' final Oral Presentations/Tech Demos?

AV Capabilities will include a projector and a screen for Oral Presentations/Tech Demos. Teams will submit oral presentation files via the online submission form, and program staff will pre-load presentations onto a laptop. There will also be a slide advancer and outlets available for teams.

If your team requires any additional capabilities beyond this, please email the FAA Challenge Program Team.

Who will be present for the final Oral Presentations/Tech Demos?

The entire FAA Challenge Steering Committee will be present, as well as the other two competing teams’ members and NIA staff. There may also be other FAA/DoT representatives interested in viewing presentations in the room.